Artificial intelligence

DeepKit is a German company working with AI experts among the best in the world to build high-quality tools and infrastructure solutions to supercharge the work with deep learning.

DeepKit Trainer

Enjoy to train, document, and experiment with artificial intelligence in an incredible sharp graphical interface designed for deep learning engineers.


Download the native DeepKit application including CLI tools.


Run experiments local and switch seamlessly to high performance computing servers.


Analyse, compare, and document everything in great detail.

DeepKit will be available for


  • Projects

    Manage experiments, notebooks, documentations in projects.

  • Cluster

    Manage your remote or local computing servers and train seamlessly on them.

  • Datasets

    Manage huge distributed datasets, and make it accessible by others.

  • Analyse in real-time

    Enrich the experiment with useful data
and analyse in real-time.

  • Git integration

    You work in your IDE and Git provider of choice and we connect to them.

  • Distributed experiments

    Start an experiment across multiple servers and decrease training time dramatically.